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Memorial Park Dedication

New Memorial Park Honors Veterans

(Ocala, FL – April 5, 2019)
More than 100 people stood at attention as the Lake Weir High School Honor Guard opened the dedication ceremony at the Hospice of Marion County Memorial Park and Veterans Circle of Honor on Thursday, April 4. The vision of a lasting memorial and tribute to veterans has been two years in the making. The majestic granite wall and stately monuments representing the five branches of the military stand proudly between Estelle’s and Sylvia’s Houses on SE 62nd St, just off Hwy. 301/441. The four-acre park will be an events venue as well as a place of remembrance, reminiscence and recognition for lost loved ones. At the entrance to the park, two Voices of Valor metal trees and a bubbling fountain extend a warm welcome to visitors. The gurgling water combined with the tinkling of dog tags in the breeze sets the tone for a unique and inspirational experience. The public is invited to spend quiet time in this one-of-kind- setting.

David CompanionAt right, Former Army Ranger David Companion, APRN, and his service dog Trinity find David’s inscription on one of the military monuments. David was a sergeant and served in Iraq and Africa from 1989-96.

Addressing the gathering of veterans, hospice families and friends, Rick Bourne, CEO, Hospice of Marion County, said “This magnificent memorial park is the collaboration of many hands and many hearts. Together we have created what was only a vision just two years ago into a reality of remembrance for those lost. We are so proud that this unique park will serve the residents of Marion County as a place of solace, serenity and inspiration for generations to come.”

The Memorial Park will maintain an ongoing $250,000 fundraising campaign to complete the costs for the park. The granite memorial, military monuments, brick pavers and dog tags for the Voices of Valor trees are available for engraving. Visit www.hospiceofmarion.com; click on the tab for donations/memorials-and-named-gifts or call Rebecca Rogers, CFRE, Philanthropy Department at (352) 291-5143 to include a tribute to a loved one, living or deceased, in this special park in honor of Marion County residents.

Contact: Brynett Gamba
Hospice of Marion County