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We’re here for:

  • Information—on the phone, in your home, anywhere
  • Consults—any time
  • Admissions—365 days a year
  • Home Visits—day or night Hospice of Marion County continually strives to provide the optimum of care for families, by providing not only excellent service, but some amenities you might not expect, such as:
    • 7-day-a-week Admissions—registered nurses are available every day of the week to help patients get services as soon as they need and want admission. Call our Referrals Center at 352-873-7415 for immediate response, 365 days a year—no exceptions.
    • Call Nurses—our staff is available 24/7 every day and night of the year, including holidays. Help is only a phone call a way.
    • Speak with a hospice pharmacist—our pharmacists are experts in the field of medications that relieve symptoms and pain, and will talk with you directly regarding any questions or concerns.
    • Emergency drug kits—after careful medical assessment, we provide emergency drug kits to control urgent symptoms. The kits are kept in the home to be close at hand in the event of a crisis. The patient’s physician prescribes the orders for the kits, which are tailored to cover individual needs.
    • Physicians—our medical directors offer an array of expertise and make home visits. You may choose to consult with one of our physicians or your own.
    • Experienced staff—our team of professionals, including nurses, nursing assistants, chaplains and social workers, bring years of experience in the field of palliative care.
    • Hurricane and disaster preparedness—Hospice of Marion County is the most prepared hospice in the region when it comes to the possibility of hurricane damage or a crisis situation. Not only do we rely on our own pharmacy, we also have immediate access to medical equipment and supplies. Our hospice houses have generators for full power in the event of a hurricane, as well as more than adequate food supplies for up to 10 days.
    • Home grown—our corporate office is located right in the heart of Marion County. The Board of Directors consists of both generations—old families from Marion County, as well as newcomers, who have made Marion County their home, all volunteering their time to serve their community through the work of hospice.

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