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Bereavement and Grief Support


Memory is a treasure of the mind.

We experience grief because of the deep love and connection we have to someone who has died. The way each person deals with grief is unique. That uniqueness is honored by the bereavement facilitators at Hospice of Marion County. Clients are welcome at our Monarch Center at Sylvia’s, a serene environment where group and individual sessions are offered.

Their extensive training in the grief process helps others understand that it is normal to undergo a wide range of feelings after the experience of a loss:

  • sadness
  • depression
  • anger
  • guilt
  • anxiety
  • hope
  • acceptance
All are normal and come and go in their own time. Sharing memories, emotions and strategies for coping with others who are also grieving can be especially helpful in healing and recovery. We offer grief support services to Hospice families as well as members of the community who have suffered a loss. Listen to one woman’s story of love and devastating loss, and how our bereavement care helped her find new hope.

Hospice family services include:

At least 13 months of follow-up by staff and volunteers specially trained in bereavement support, including phone calls, personal visits with one-on-one assessment, mail out literature and resource coordination if needed, all at the personal request of the bereaved.

  • Adult Grief Support groups (Friends in Grief) offer comfort and encouragement over 5 weekly sessions. Call (352) 873-7456 to reserve space for these sessions.
  • Memorial Services of Remembrance are special times to remember and celebrate the lives of loved ones who have died.
  • Grief Care (introductory class) seminars seminars provide education about the journey of grief.
  • Children’s Program Services provide individual and group support for children and adolescents, such as Camp Mariposa (for children aged 5-12)

Community services at the Monarch Center include:

  • Grief in the Workplace to help organizations that have lost an employee
  • Monthly Workshops for the general public
  • Seminars with the school system
  • Adult Assessment services and community resource coordination (short-term)
  • Individual and group support for children and adolescents in the schools (short-term)
Contact the Bereavement Department at 352-873-7456 for information on any of our programs, support group schedules in the surrounding counties or to develop a program for your needs.