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Resources: Knowledge is Power

Aid for the Hearing Impaired

The Florida Relay Services is a communications system that allows hearing persons and Deaf, hard of hearing, or speech-impaired persons to communicate by telephone. Florida Relay customer service is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year at 1-800-676-3777 (English) or 1-800-676-4290 (Spanish) For more information visit Florida Relay Services at:

For Spanish-Speakers

Compassionate Care Spanish-language HelpLine: 877-658-8896.
Are you caring for a loved one who is seriously ill? Do you have questions about grief and where to find support? Do you have questions about hospice services and end-of-life care?

Cuidando con Cariño is a toll-free HelpLine that offers information and resources for people living with or caring for someone with a serious illness. Our bilingual staff can answer questions on grief, caregiving, advance directives and other end-of-life issues. They can also help you find community hospice or palliative care programs and services. Call the Compassionate Care Spanish-language HelpLine today for a compassionate, listening ear and free information.

Caregiving and Advocacy Resources
  • Transitions — a free program in Marion County for those with life-limiting illnesses but who are not ready for hospice care.
  • — Your Benefits Connection: GovBenefits is a partnership of many Federal agencies and organizations with a shared vision— to provide improved, personalized access to government agencies.
  • Aging with Dignity: Advocates for the needs of elders and their caregivers, with a particular emphasis on improving care for those at the end of life.
  • Americans for Better Care of the Dying (ABCD): ABCD is a non-profit public charity dedicated to social, professional, and policy reform aimed to improve the care system for patients with serious illness, and their families.
  • On Our Own Terms: Based on two years of research and production, “On Our Own Terms” takes Bill Moyers to the front lines of the movement to improve end-of-life care and reports on the best models for change.
Death, Dying, Grief, & Bereavement Support
  • Monarch Center at Sylvia’s— Hospice of Marion County’s offer free grief workshops to the community. Available to children, teens and adults.
  • Beliefnet: A multi-faith independent site which features articles of the nation’s most accomplished and respected journalists in the fields of religion, spirituality and morality.
  • CareGiver: An information resource on long-term care.
  • Dying Well: Resources for people facing life-limiting illness, their families, and their professional caregivers.
  • Professional Chaplaincy: Its Role and Importance in Healthcare
  • Caring Bridge: Free, secure personalized websites that support and connect families and friends during end-of-life care.
  • Learn about the dying process.
Speakers Bureau: Your First Choice

Contact our Speakers Bureau for a professional speaker on a variety of hospice-related subjects; available to make a presentation to your church, club or civic group, including:

  • Hospice Overview: what hospice IS and what it ISN’T
  • Five Wishes (Advance Directives and DNR)
  • Transitions Overview: Resources for those with advancing illness
  • Understanding and Living with Grief
  • Monarch Center for Hope & Healing Overview
  • Is it a Senior Moment or Something More Serious?
  • Volunteering for Hospice of Marion County
  • Catheters and UTIs
  • Caring For Your Cancer Patients
  • Dementia and Delirium: Caregiver Issues at the EOL
  • Infection Control and DNRs
  • Importance of Managing Your BP
  • Opioid Medication: Safe and Effective
  • Managing Respiratory Symptoms
  • Medication and Food Interactions
  • Stress Management for Staff

To arrange for a speaker or training, call 352-854-5230 or email

Our Support Groups (no charge; all are welcome)
  • – monthly groups meet for programs, lunch and tip-sharing for caregivers.
  • Monarch Center at Sylvia’s – free community support for those who have lost a loved one.
  • Alzheimer’s Support groups – meet monthly in the Villages and in Ocala; call Amy Chadek, (352) 854-5271
Hospice Affiliated Companies

Florida Palliative Equipment, LLC, dba Accent Medical — an authorized non-profit durable medical equipment supplier, serving the tri-county area. Accent Medical sells directly to the public through its warehouse and at its new store located at 920 Bichara Blvd in The Villages.

Center for Comprehensive Palliative Care, LLC and Availacare— programs to provide pain and symptom management for those in any stage of illness. When you are facing a serious illness, you need relief from pain or other symptoms, such as fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite and shortness of breath. Relief from stress; support for your family. The Center works directly with your physician.

General Information about Hospice