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Support Volunteers

Administration, Information Technology and Courier Services

Support volunteers include couriersVolunteers use their work-related skills or develop new skills by playing key roles in helping with administrative functions. Nearly every department enjoys assistance from administrative volunteers. Opportunities are available for college students and others to gain workplace skills in Information Technology.

Couriers make daily deliveries in one of our company vehicles to Hospice Thrift Stores and the Hospice Houses to deliver and pick up interoffice mail. Volunteers also ferry mail to the post office and pick up packages.


Volunteers may offer companionship and support for bereaved family members for up to 13 months after the loss of a loved one. Bereavement volunteers attend Patient Support Training to learn about family dynamics as well as attend specialized training provided by the Bereavement Department staff.

They also provide invaluable assistance at Camp Mariposa, a bereavement camp for children ages 5-12 held twice a year. The camp helps children move through their grief in a healing and expressive way…it’s most rewarding for everyone involved!

Community Ambassadors

Everyone needs a little help sometimes when confronting end-of-life decisions about a loved one. Community Ambassadors reach out to neighbors, fellow members of their faith community, social clubs and friends with helpful information on how to access Hospice of Marion County services.

Event Assistants, Outreach, and Philanthropy

Uptown HoedownSome volunteers enjoy welcoming people into our Hospice circle by assisting with events which may include parking cars, greeting, serving refreshments or helping with set-up. Others volunteer at health fairs providing a friendly face and helpful information to Marion County residents.

Philanthropy is fueled by the networking and advocacy of a large team of volunteers. Volunteers serve on the Annual Appeal committee and coordinate with the Philanthropy Department to solicit major gifts or sponsorships. They also play a big part in helping put on an Annual Gala. A total of 25 volunteers helped with the 2018 gala which was an Uptown Hoedown held at the Southeastern Livestock Pavilion.

Professional Volunteers

Professional volunteers such as physicians, nurses, massage therapists, or cosmetologists provide their skills to help our mission in a variety of ways. Medical volunteers do not provide patient care that would replace a skilled nursing employee but they may provide support services such as training, Tuberculosis testing, or consulting. Massage therapists or cosmetologists are required to attend our Patient support training and may provide care to patients in their field of expertise.


Sewing Workshop volunteersSpecialized Skills

Volunteers employ their creative skills in areas such as baking, flower arranging, holiday decorating, or sewing. A Sewing Workshop is held monthly for volunteers who enjoy making a variety of items to provide comfort and convenience to our patients. Volunteers may also assist with maintenance, yardwork or other specialized areas of expertise.